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i am currently an associate professor in the department of computer engineering at Sejong University, South Korea.

i was an assistant professor at Sejong University (2012-2016), South Korea, a postdoctoral researcher at Swiss National Supercomputing Center (CSCS, 2007-2009), at ETH Zurich (2009-2011), Switzerland, and at Purdue University (2011-2012), USA.

i received the bachelor’s degree (2000) from Seoul National University in electrical engineering, South Korea, the master’s (2002) and doctoral (2007) degrees from Purdue University in electrical and computer engineering, USA.

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my research interests include data ( information & scientific) visualization, visual analytics, interactive volume rendering, functional representations of discrete data, interactive rendering of functions, large multdimensional data visualization.

  office: gwanggaeto-gwan 1012B
phone: +82 2 3408 3756
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